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I want to go here very much, but I don’t have chance.
This time, Eva at Taoyuan, then we visit together.
But…The wet and cold weather….It’s terrible in Taoyuan!!
Thank for Eva’s father drove the car taking us to go here.


But….we are lucky, the rain has stopped, so we can visit the outside.
 Their map is so cute!!
↑ People pluck the cocoa bean.
↑ The cocoa fruit 
Doodle Wall

but….it doesn’t have any doodle = =a
They plant some flowers.
Children can play in here.
There are a guide will show you around the ROC, every hour on the hour.
It made of dark and white chocolate.
It has elephant/mouse ears.
Because of Chinese New Year, the doll wear Chinese hat.


五滾輪機 Quintuple Turbine
It’s the best kept secret for the promise of smooth taste of chocolate.
With five turbines working together, it creates shear force and temperature variance through speed difference among turbines, which enables refined granulation. Raw materials being processed by this quintuple turbine will deliver silky smooth texture that you could expect from a fine chocolate.

Cocoa tree!!!!!
Actually, the cocoa fruits are fake.
The tree can’t fruit recently.


It have to take 14 processes, and then can make Chocolate.

Don’t eat too many White Chocolate.

It let you be fat!!

日本人運用巧克力融入鮮奶油冷藏塑形的製法,切成整齊且易入口的方塊,再撒上可可粉;日本人稱之為「Nama Chocolate」,也就是新鮮/生鮮巧克力之意。

What is Nama Chocolate?
This is a way of making chocolate using fresh cream and then shaped by means of freezing by the Japanese.
The chocolate is uniformly cut into small cubes before cocoa powder is sprayed on top.
The Japanese referred it as “Nama Chocolate” which means fresh/raw chocolate.
Don’t let PETS eat Chocolate, PLEASE.
Italy, London, England, Mexico and Spain.
Perugia, Italy is known as the “City of Chocolate,” Since 1993, the Eurochocolate Festival iss held from October 14 to October 22 every year.
It’s amazing!! Chocolate dress!!!!!!!!!
Since 2003, the Chocolate Festival is held every October for a week in England.
The event has all kiinds of activities: seminars on chocolate, chocolate tasting, chocolate exhibition, chocolate-themed dinner, chocolate cocktail party, chocolate sculpture exhibition, chocolate making demonstration, and chocolate art show.
I really want to go to those counties now, because of CHOCOLATE.

Ha~ Should I eat more chocolates before I fall in LOVE?


Micro Film, 15min

ROC made this film by themselves. It’s very funny. I was laughing very much.

The tools

Aztec period(1200 A.D. ~ 1521 A.D.)
Cacao beans used as a common currency

2 cacao beans = 1 pumpkin
10 cacao beans = 1 hare
100 cacao beans = 1 slave

Nowadays….It’s not same as before.

People pluck the cocoa beans and then sale it to the international company. They only got some money, most of revenue is taken by international company….

Fortunately, now, has “Fair Trade”. They can earn they should get. 

But….the problem of hiring children still existence. =(

It is use for wedding.
Soooooo beautiful ! 
He was making heart-shaped chocolate.