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⬆️It’s video!! Swipe left to see more pictures.

🍽 Have you tried Pastels
If you are cheese lover, you will love it. I am‼️‼️❤❤❤
You could choose beef flavor too.

@whatafoodofficial is on New Westminster, it’s far away from me. Thank you for coming to Robson St. x Bute St. ➡️ Shop Local Market. @fallforlocal

Although it’s deep-fried, the pastels is tasted light, it’s not greasy. 👍👍👍

However….$8 for street food…💸💸💸 It’s overpriced for me.😓
But I totally recommend to try it. ❤

I also bought @arizelstudio flowers💐 and @merv.skin Face Oil. 😊

Music: Water Lily by The 126ers from YouTube Audio Library · http://bit.ly/32TUZyy



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