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今天要分享的是,如何考取來加拿大打工幾乎必備的證照 Serving It Right

Serving It Right 官網有Course(課程)可以學習,也有提供PDF檔講義可以下載
費用:CAD35+ 5%GST 1.75  = CAD36.75
考了100分~~~~ 幾霸分~
點選 My Courses → Certification → Wall Certificate 就可以下載到PDF檔證書
考前幾天,我同事分享了 – 韓國人整理出來的81題題目和答案的網頁  (點我
像我的題目(頁面最下面)有兩題並沒有正解 (第22題和第33題)

【點我看2020年 加拿大打工渡假 全記實】




Question 1
An individual with a speech impediment is ordering a 5-ounce glass of wine. The server is hesitant to serve the individual as their impediment resembles signs of intoxication. 

What should the server do?
Engage the individual to determine level of sobriety.
Question 2
At what age is an individual no longer a minor?
Question 3
Two individuals at a food primary establishment have ordered a bottle of wine. At closing time, the patron’s wine bottle is still half full. 

What should the staff member do?
Ask the patrons if they want the wine bottle sealed for take-away.
Question 4
Which of the following staff members requires a Serving it Right certification?
All staff at a Duty Free store.
Question 5
What is one way an establishment can assist in getting patrons home safely?
Post signs promoting designated driver programs in visible areas.
Question 6
Who should regularly familiarize themselves with The Liquor Control and Licensing Act and Regulations and the terms and conditions of their licence?
The licensees and managers working at the establishment.
Question 7
What behaviour may indicate to the server that a patron is intoxicated?
Incoherent, rambling speech
A lack of coordination
Rude, offensive or inappropriate behaviour
All of the above
Question 8
True or False: Pre-mixing drinks by hand is allowed.
Question 9
What consequence does the establishment face if it is found that alcohol has been served to a minor?
A 10-day licence suspension.
Question 10
What are the effects of combining alcohol and cannabis?
Decreases coordination.
Question 11
Which incident should be recorded in the establishment’s logbook?
An individual is using illegal drugs inside the establishment.
Question 12
Which statement regarding the effects of alcohol use is correct?
Alcohol can cause sleeping problems.
Question 13
A staff member suspects a piece of identification to be fake. What should the staff member do?
Refuse entry and log the incident.
Question 14
Which of the following strategies reduce the risk of drink spiking?
Removing any unattended glasses.
Question 15
13. True or False: Cannabis consumption can intensify the depressive effects of alcohol.
Question 16
True or False: Consuming alcohol while taking cold medication is safe.
Question 17
What is drink spiking?
Addition of drugs or alcohol to a person’s drink without their consent.
Question 18
Patron A and Patron B are on a date. While Patron A is in the washroom, Patron B asks the server to add a shot of Vodka to Patron A’s iced tea. Patron B insists that Patron A had asked for the addition. 

What should the server do?
Refuse to add the shot until Patron A asks directly.
Question 19
True or False: A licensee is responsible for patrons who have consumed non-alcoholic drinks but appear to be intoxicated by cannabis.
Question 20
True or False: Staff may consume one alcoholic beverage after the termination of service.
Question 21
A customer is purchasing a bottle of wine from a grocery store authorized to sell wine. The only person working at the till is 18 years of age and holds a Serving it Right certification. 

Can the till attendant make the sale?
No, the till attendant must be 19 years of age to be able to make the sale.
Question 22
A suspected minor presents to a liquor primary establishment with a British Columbia Driver’s Licence indicating he is 22 years old. The staff member suspects the ID is fake. 

What should the staff member do?
Refuse to serve the individual.
Question 23
What should the server do after the discontinuation of service due to intoxication?
Arrange for proper transportation home.
Question 24
A patron has consumed 4 standard drinks in the past hour but does not appear to exhibit signs of intoxication. 

Why might that be?
The patron has developed a tolerance to alcohol.
Question 25
True or False: Staff are allowed to consume up to one standard drink while on a break.
Question 26
A patron stumbles to the bar and presents with slurred speech. The patron orders a beer. 

What should the staff member suspect?
Question 27
A patron orders the following drinks: a 5-ounce glass of wine at 12% alcohol by volume, a vodka tonic containing 1.5 ounces of vodka at 40% alcohol by volume, and a whiskey double at 40% alcohol by volume. 

How many standard drinks did the client consume?
4 standard drinks.
Question 28
What is likely the best strategy to use when informing patrons that service will be stopped due to intoxication?
Politely inform the patron that staff are prohibited from serving intoxicated patrons.
Question 29
A server notices that a 60-year-old patron is reporting feeling very dizzy. The patron has consumed two shots of whiskey and advises that they have taken cold medication in the last hour.  

What should the server do next?
Call an ambulance for medical treatment.
Question 30
What information can be found on a liquor sales licence?
Maximum capacity of the establishment.
Question 31
What Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) does the Criminal Code of Canada consider a fail level for impairment while driving?
Question 32
What are the recommended drink limits in order to reduce long-term health risks?
10 drinks a week for women, 15 drinks a week for men.
Question 33
Why might it be considered unsafe to mix alcohol with caffeinated drinks?
Caffeine masks the visible effects of alcohol.
Question 34
A 38-year-old individual comes stumbling into the bar singing loudly with his friends and presents with blood shot eyes. He asks for a whiskey double. 

What should the bartender do?
Refuse to serve the individual and remove him from the service area.
Question 35
As defined by Canada’s low risk drinking guidelines, how many ounces of wine at 12% alcohol by volume represents one standard drink?
5 ounces