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Where is original chocolate from?

This is the first drawing on the making of chocolate drink. In the picture, chocolate drink is pour from one container to another to make the liquid foamy.

There are 3 stories about Chocolate.



The Mayans added spices in chocolate drinks, such as honey, achiote, vanilla, cinnamon, allspice, sapote, and chille pepper.

Glyphs of Mayan and term KAKAW.
So cute!! 



Human Sacrifice

The chocolate drink has a very important symbolic meaning. It was an offering in rituals. Those selected for the human sacrifice must drink the chocolate before the sacrifice.

Trembleuse is a cup and saucer designed for chocolate drink, with a central raised ring in the saucer to hold the cup firm.
Molinillo (西語發音為”莫立尼又”)為巧克力飲料的攪拌棒,出現於年代約西元1600年,由西班牙人發明;用在於均勻攪拌巧克力飲料與辛香料以及製造泡沫口感。
Molinillos are stir bars for chocolate drinks. They were first made in A.D.1600 by the Spanish. The were used to stir chocolate drinks to make sure they were well-mixed with spicees to create a mouthfeel of foam.

在西班牙,有一首專為Molinillo 編寫的童謠。
In Spain, there is a children’s ballad for Molinillo, which goes like this:

Chocolate, molinillo, corre, corre que te pillo, correrás, correrás, pero no me pillarás.
Chocolate, little mill Run, run, or I’ll catch you. You wil run, you will run, but you won’t catch me.

Chocolate Pot
The tools is a bit expensive in Taiwan….

Only Taiwanese know what it is.
哈哈球」呀! lol
I don’t know the name is “HAHA ball”.

You can make chocolate by yourself.